About me

I have been working in the field of multilingual typesetting for more than 20 years. Among others, I work with Microsoft Office and PageMaker, FrameMaker and InDesign, Illustrator and Acrobat. Through the years I have specialized in the preparation and analysis of source files to be translated and in finalizing the translated files for print and web.
Thanks to my clients’ manifold and challenging needs, I still enjoy my job profoundly. Many thanks go out to my clients for making it possible to be working freelance for more than 15 years.


My clients specialize in localization services, e.g. translation providers and companies that cannot meet their demands of foreign language DTP inhouse.

Among my services are document formatting (unformatted text files or paper copies as source), source format conversion (e.g. from Word to FrameMaker, or PageMaker to InDesign), preparation of files for translation including file analysis and optimization, text extraction from images as well as post-processing and finalizing the layout of translated files.
My working platform is a PC. The list of languages I work with during post-processing comprises Japanese, Korean and Chinese.


Astrid Peters
Schellingweg 7
D-23566 Lübeck, Germany

Phone: +49 (0)451 9692774
Email: astrid@petersdtp.net

Tax office: Lübeck
EU VAT no. DE224586394
VAT no. 22/163/60358

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